About me

My name is Anton Zackaria and I have been working as a professional photographer for 23 years now. Then we used film and now it become digital so, it is a different way of working but the workflow actually is quite similar.

I have passion in people, portrait, landscape, even though my job works around products, and commercials. After all those years of learning the technique, applying this and that, plus the experience in real jobs, finally I could draw a conclusion about photography and would like to share them through stories and images.

Photography is a media we can communicate our ideas, inspiration, or any kind of content into images that build up a story, with or without article accompanying it. In communicating the ideas we tend to forget how they are best reproduced into images, and in production of images, the role of equipment becoming critical. In years of using varieties of cameras and lenses of multiple format I become quite accustomed to their characters and purpose.

Some friends used to ask for my advice when they plan to change or add a photo gears, and after some thought I decided to post some of lens or camera personal review in this blog. The review is not based on scientific stuff but merely of practical usage.  I will not go into detailed specifications as in those famous review sites but do hope those who need the information would get some insights.

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